Born 1882-07-09 in Hjorted (H). Died 1953-04-07 in Katarina (AB). 1912 27/12 flyttar till Stockholm Katarina
1940 gift transportarbetare Fatbursholmen Stockholm Katrarina 1953 gift 1919
sökt anc
Axel Albert Nilsson.
Born 1882-07-09 in Hjorted (H). Died 1953-04-07 in Katarina (AB).
F Otto Alfred Nilsson.
Born 1859-07-10 in Hjorted, Bredglo, Djupekälla (H). Died 1947-02-14 in Linköping (E). Statdräng, arbetare
FF Magnus Måns Nilsson.
Born 1803-10-22 in Hjorted, Wittingsnäs (H). Died 1883-05-05 in Hjorted, Djupekälla (H). Torpare Liden
FFF Nils Månsson.
Born 1774-11-15 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H). Torpare
FFFF Måns Olofsson.
Born 1732. Died 1799 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H).
FFFM Caisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1747 in Gladhammar.
FFM Maja Cajsa Nilsdotter.
Born 1775-06-15 in Hjorted, Lambotorpet (H). Died 1844-10-05 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H).
FFMF Nils Jakobsson.
Born 1731-11-30 in Hjorted, Botorp (H). Died 1810-09-02 in Hjorted, Botorp (H).
FFMM Karen Jönsdotter.
Born 1734-01-31 in Hjorted (H). Died 1784-01-15 in Hjorted, Lambotorpet (H).
FM Anna Lotta Månsdotter.
Born 1814-07-05 in Hjorted (H). Died 1882-01-20 in Hjorted, Djupekälla (H).
M Karolina Lovisa Nilsson.
Born 1863-02-10 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1948-04-04 in Sankt Lars, Hjälmsäter (E).

Relationships and children

Married 1919-09-16.

Maria Josefina Petersson.
Born 1880-02-11 in Färentuna (AB). Died 1965-04-02 in Ensklede (AB).

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