Born 1812-05-16 in Hjorted (H). Died 1911-08-31 in Hjorted, Granstugan (H).
1837-1847 torpare Ekhult
1847 flyttar till Lilla Granhult som arbetare
1852-1860 utfattig arbetare
1861-1866 fattighjon
1867-1873 Lilla Granhult heter Granstugan
1890 gift jordbruksarbetare Granstugan
1900 änkling, jordbruksarbetare Granstugan
1910 änkling, inhyseshjon Granstugan
1911 änkling 1894
Nils Jonsson.
Born 1812-05-16 in Hjorted (H). Died 1911-08-31 in Hjorted, Granstugan (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1837-11-26.

Johanna Lovisa Persdotter.
Born 1818-06-28 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H). Died 1894-05-03 in Hjorted, Granstugan (H).

Nils Johan Nilsson.
Born 1838-10-26 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H). Died 1851-09-14 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Jonas Peter Nilsson.
Born 1840-08-06 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H).

Gustaf Nikodemus Nilsson.
Born 1842-10-06 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H). Died 1857-03-02 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Carl August Nilsson.
Born 1844-11-05 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H).

Vilhelm Anton Nilsson.
Born 1846-12-05 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H).

Victor Nilsson.
Born 1849-06-04 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Johan Nilsson.
Born 1851-09-26 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Hanna Matilda Nilsdotter.
Born 1855-04-12 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Gustaf Nikodemus Nilsson.
Born 1858-08-20 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H).

Klara Sofia Nilsdotter.
Born 1861-10-23 in Hjorted, Ekhult (H). Died 1862-02-22.

Augusta Maria Nilsdotter.
Born 1864-09-10 in Hjorted Lilla Granhult (H). Died 1942-06-14 in Hjorted, Granhult (H).

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