Born 1780-10-07 in Hjorted (H).
Peter Jönsson.
Born 1780-10-07 in Hjorted (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1807.

Anna Persdotter.
Born 1783-09-19 in Hjorted (H).

Nils Peter Persson.
Born 1809-10-12 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H).

Carl Johan Persson.
Born 1812-11-21 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H). Died 1848-05-10 in Hjorted, Bofall (H).

Lars Erik Persson.
Born 1815-01-25 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H).

Johanna Lovisa Persdotter.
Born 1818-06-28 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H). Died 1894-05-03 in Hjorted, Granstugan (H).

Gustaf Nicodemus Persson.
Born 1821-06-01 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H).

Stina Lotta Persdotter.
Born 1824-03-05 in Hjorted, Alstorp (H). Died 1888-03-23 in Hjorted Alstorp (H).

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