Nybyggare Stensvattnet Born 1803-09-06 in Bodum, Backe, Norrnäs (Y). Died 1891-08-21.
1861-1870 gift nybyggare Stensvattnet
Olof Ingelsson.
Born 1803-09-06 in Bodum, Backe, Norrnäs (Y). Died 1891-08-21. Nybyggare Stensvattnet
F Ingel Ivarsson Norlin.
Born 1779-10-27 in Fjällsjö, Norrnäs (Z). Died 1850-08-14 in Dorotea, Bellvik (AC). Torpare Norrnäs på Backe 3
FF Ivar Ingelsson.
Born 1755-02-08 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z). Died 1802-08-23 in Fjällsjö, Backe (Z).
FFF Ingel Matsson.
Born 1714 in Tåsjö, Hoting (Y). Died 1788-02-24 in Tåsjö, Sunnansjö (Z).
FFM Sara Ivarsdotter.
Born 1712-03-02 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z). Died 1774-11-02 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z).
FFMF Ivar Andersson.
Born 1678 in Fjällsjö, Backe (Z). Died 1712 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z). Bonde
FFMM Brita Johansdotter.
Born 1680 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z). Died 1712 in Fjällsjö, Sunnansjö (Z).
FM Kerstin Andersdotter.
Born 1754-01-30 in Tåsjö, Lövvik (Z).
M Brita Olofsdotter.
Born 1771-02-06 in Frostviken (Z). Died 1847-07-07 in Bodum, Böhle (Y).

Relationships and children

Married 1829-11-15.

Maria Abramsdotter.
Born 1811-06-03 in Bodum (Y). Died 1883-09-24 in Fjällsjö, Stensvattnet (Y; Z).

Abraham Olofsson.
Born 1835-05-05.

Ingel Petter Olofsson.
Born 1837-05-02 in Bodum, Stensvattnet (Y). Died 1901-07-14 in Bodum, Stensvattnet (Y).

Brita Maria Olofsdotter.
Born 1841-04-13 in Fjällsjö, Stensvattnet (Y).

Kajsa Stina Olofsdotter.
Born 1843-08-14 in Fjällsjö, Stensvattnet (Y).

Nils Anders Olofsson.
Born 1846-06-08 in Fjällsjö (Y).

Erik Olof Olofsson Elg.
Born 1849-08-17 in Bodum (Y). Died 1934-04-27 in Fjällsjö, Stensvattnet (Y).

Abraham Olofsson.
Born 1856-06-14 in Bodum (Y).

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