Born 1855-02-24 in Sunne, Askerud (S).
Olof Andersson.
Born 1855-02-24 in Sunne, Askerud (S).
F Anders Persson.
Born 1825-09-28 in Sunne, Gårdsjö (S). Hemmansägare Askerud
M Maria Nilsdotter.
Born 1828-03-20 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MF Nils Olsson.
Born 1794-08-21 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S). Died 1868-05-06 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MFF Olof Persson.
Born 1759. Died 1832-12-01 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S).
MFM Karin Ersdotter.
Born 1762 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S).
MM Maria Larsdotter.
Born 1789-08-18 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MMF Lars Håkansson.
Born 1755 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). Died 1817 in Hedåsen (S).
MMFF Håkan Håkansson.
Born 1723. Died 1793 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MMFM Marit Gustafsdotter.
Born 1721 in Arnstorp (S). Died 1799 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MMM Maria Persdotter.
Born 1758 in Sunne, Tomthult (S). Died 1827 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
MMMF Per Persson.
Born 1714.

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