Born 1776-03-15 in Hjorted, Träthult (H). Died 1832-11-24 in Hjorted, Glabo (H).
Lisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1776-03-15 in Hjorted, Träthult (H). Died 1832-11-24 in Hjorted, Glabo (H).
F Nils Nilsson.
Born 1742-04-08. Died 1786-04-17.
FF Nils Jönsson.
Döpt 1700-09-24 in Hjorted, Träthult (H). Died 1744-07-08 in Hjorted, Träthult (H).
FFF Jöns Nilsson.
Born 1675-08-19. Died 1739 in Hjorted, Träthult (H).
FFM Emerentia Jonsdotter.
Born 1674-04-22 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1744-07-08 in Hjorted, Träthult (H).
FFMF Jons Hemmingi.
Died 1707 in Gladhammar (H). Komminister Gladhammar
FFMM Kerstin Carlsdotter Rydelia.
Died 1680-03-14 in Gladhammar (H).
FM Maria Jonasdotter.
Born 1711 in Frödinge (H). Died 1792-12-17.
M Maria Danielsdotter.
Born 1744-07-08 in Yxered (H).

Relationships and children


Erik Jönsson.
Born 1773-04-30 in Hjorted, Lebo, Ryttartorpet (H). Died 1847-10-19 in Hjorted, Glabo (H).

Jöns Eriksson.
Born 1800-10-08 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1800-10-23 in Hjorted, Österbo (H).

Anna Maria Eriksdotter.
Born 1801-12-26 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1839-06-27 in Gladhammar, Kerrebo (H).

Lisa Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 1805-06-09 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1808-03-31 in Hjorted, Österbo (H).

Jonas Eriksson.
Born 1809-06-06 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1809-07-28 in Hjorted, Österbo (H).

Nils Eriksson.
Born 1811-02-27 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1859-08-21 in Hjorted, Måsebo (H).

Katarina Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 1815-02-06 in Hjorted, Österbo (H). Died 1888-11-20 in Hjorted, Bäckfall (H).

Born 1819-07-06 in Hjorted, Glabo (H).

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