Born 1949-07-27 in Essinge (AB).
1980 gift Upplands Väsby
1990 frånskild 1986, Upplands Väsby
Karl Gösta Andersson.
Born 1949-07-27 in Essinge (AB).
F Per Gottfrid Andersson.
Born 1913-04-26 in Bräcke (Z).
M Karin Elisabet Nilsson.
Born 1917-05-12 in Osby (L). Died 2012-08-04 in Hammarby, Upplands Väsby (AB).
Johan   Nilsson 1882-1963
MF Johan Nilsson.
Born 1882-02-03 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). Died 1963-01-13 in Loshult, Lindhult (L).
MFF Nils Persson.
Born 1848-04-02 in Glimåkra (L). Torpare i Öfraryd
MFFF Per Nilsson.
Born 1819-11-29 in Olastorp. Torpare Öfraryd
MFFM Maja Johnsdotter.
Born 1823-02-13 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). Died 1876-10-06 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).
MFM Karna Svensdotter.
Born 1850-02-24 in Glimåkra (L). Died 1913-03-26 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd, Björnön (L).
MFMF Sven Trulsson.
Born 1815-06-26 in Glimåkra (L). Bonde
MFMM Hanna Bengtsdotter.
Born 1819-06-03.
Alma   Jonsson 1884-1969
MM Alma Jonsson.
Born 1884-02-24 in Visseltolfta (L). Died 1969-08-17 in Loshult (L).
John   Pehrsson 1850-1925
MMF John Pehrsson.
Born 1850-07-31 in Osby, Västra Hyltan (L). Died 1925-09-15 in Osby, Mörkhult (L). Hemmansägare Mörkhult
MMFF Pehr Johnsson.
Born 1806-09-21 in Osby (L).
MMFM Bengta Nilsdotter.
Born 1815-02-03 in Svanshals.
Albertina   Johansdotter 1856-1945
MMM Albertina Johansdotter.
Born 1856-01-04 in Osby, Slähult (L). Died 1945-01-15 in Osby, Mörkhult (L).
MMMF Per Andersson.
Born 1821-05-05 in Osby, Ö Svenstorp (L).
MMMM Inger Tufvesdotter.
Born 1833-01-10 in Osby, Slähult (L). Died 1914-12-03 in Osby, Ekeröd (L). Piga

Relationships and children

Married. Divorced 1986-09-01.

Ingrid Kristina Andersson.
Born 1948-08-14 in Nederluleå (BD).

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