Born 1826-08-24 in Osby, Slähult (L).
Bengta Tufvesdotter.
Born 1826-08-24 in Osby, Slähult (L).
F Tufve Pehrsson.
Born 1794-06-21 in Osby (L). Died 1854-02-02 in Osby, Slähult (L). Torpare Böljetorp (Sjöhagen)
FF Pehr Månsson.
Born 1764-08-19 in Osby, Slähult (L).
FFF Måns Persson.
Born 1732-05-08 in Visseltofta (L). Died 1802-02-27 in Osby (L).
FFFF Per Christensson.
Born 1692-11-13. Died 1692-11-13 in Visseltofta (L).
M Sissa Svensdotter.
Born 1802-01-13 in Osby, Holma (L).
MF Sven Mattisson.
Born 1774-12-12.
MFF Mattis Jönsson.
Born 1752-03-15.
MFM Bengta Jonsdotter.
Born 1754-01-05.
MM Ingjer Jeppesdotter.
Born 1772-09-21 in Osby, Hamsarp (L). Died 1802-01-20 in Osby, Holma (L).
MMF Jeppe Svensson.
Born 1731-02-20 in Osby, Ö Svenstorp (L). Died 1811-10-30 in Osby, Hamsarp (L).
MMM Pernilla Jönsdotter.
Born 1739-09-30 in Osby, Hamsarp (L). Died 1813-05-01 in Osby, Hamsarp (L).
MMMF Jöns Stensson.
Born 1715-12-26 in Osby, Vigenstorp (L). Died 1803-12-07 in Osby, Hamsarp (L).
MMMM Karna Jonsdotter.
Born 1711-12-08 in Osby, Hamsarp (L). Died 1776-02-28 in Osby, Hamsarp (L).

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