1880 gift brukare
Niklas Johansson.

Relationships and children


Gustafva Johansdotter.
Born 1846-09-07 in Askeby (E).

Maria Charlotta Niklasdotter.
Born 1866 in Rappestad (E).

Carl August Niklasson.
Born 1868 in Rappestad (E).

Nikolaus Niklasson.
Born 1872 in Rappestad (E).

Johan Victor Niklasson.
Born 1875 in Rappestad (E).

Gustaf Otto Niklasson.
Born 1877 in Rappestad (E).

Anna Mathilda Niklasdotter.
Born 1882 in Rappestad (E).

Erik Josef Niklasson.
Born 1886 in Rappestad (E).

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