Born 1927-02-07 in Ljungby (H).
Karl Richard Wiggo Svensson.
Born 1927-02-07 in Ljungby (H).

Relationships and children


Kurt Jan-Ingmar Svensson.
Born 1944-11-13 in Kalmar (H).

Married 1958-07-26. Divorced 1976-08-09.

Gerd Lilian Gracy Petersson.
Born 1932-05-26 in Kastlösa (H).

Rickard Sven-Erik Svensson.
Born 1953-06-15 in Ljungby (H).

Karl Sivert Stefan Svensson.
Born 1955-07-18 in Hälleberga (H).

Stig Peter Ronny Svensson.
Born 1961-01-28 in Sölvesborg (K).

Lilian Ann-Charlott Svensson.
Born 1965-07-19 in V Broby (L).

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