Nämndeman, arrendator, häradsdomare Born 1783-04-22 in Husby (D). Died 1847-02-19 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).
1842 gift nämdeman Räffla
1847 häradsdomare, arrendator Räffla 2 om ½ mantal Frälse
Olof Olsson.
Born 1783-04-22 in Husby (D). Died 1847-02-19 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D). Nämndeman, arrendator, häradsdomare
F Olof Jonsson.
Born 1745-11-27 in Husby-Rekarne (D). Died 1805-12-30 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).
FF Jon Jonsson.
Died 1755.
FM Anna Olofsdotter.
Born 1715. Died 1788.
M Maria Persdotter.
Born 1756-07-04 in Husby-Rekarne (D). Died 1823 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).
MF Per Persson.
Born 1705. Died 1781-04-12 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla Västergård (D).
MM Anna Larsdotter.
Born 1721. Died 1797 in Husby-Rekarne (D).
MMF Lars Pihl.
Born 1686. Died 1761-01-25 in Husby-Rekarne (D).

Relationships and children

Married 1804-11-08 in Husby-Rekarne (D).

Katarina Andersdotter.
Born 1780-07-13 in Husby-Rekarne (D). Died 1828-12-05 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).

Anders Olsson.
Born 1805-03-02 in Husby-Rekarne (D). Died 1877-10-05 in Husby-Rekarne, Mörby (D).

Maria Olsdotter.
Born 1808-07-29 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D). Died 1820-11-01 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).

Katrina Olsdotter.
Born 1811-09-19 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D). Died 1888 in Stenkvista (D).

Olof Olsson.
Born 1815-03-08 in Husby (D). Died 1852 in Stenkvista (D).

Peter Per Olsson.
Born 1819-05-13 in Husby (D). Died 1900 in Stenkvista (D).

Married 1830-02-07 in Husby-Rekarne (D).

Christina Persdotter.
Born 1786-05-25 in Ärla (D). Died 1839-08-15 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D).

Married 1840-10-25 in Husby-Rekarne (D).

Brita Stina Andersdotter.
Born 1796-11-13 in Stenkvista, Duftorp (D). Died 1883-04-29 in Stenkvista, Duftorp (D).

Alfred Olsson.
Born 1842-06-11 in Husby-Rekarne, Räffla (D). Died 1885-10-29 in Hannäs, Nora (H).

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