Born 1831-04-11 in Gamleby (H).
Helena Gustava Eriksdotter.
Born 1831-04-11 in Gamleby (H).
M Kajsa Lisa Persdotter.
Born 1801-01-30 in Gamleby (H). Died 1886-06-21 in Gamleby, Öndhult (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1859-11-25.

Anders Gustaf Andersson.
Born 1829-04-26 in Gamleby (H).

Ulrika Charlotta Andersson.
Born 1860-07-04 in Gamleby, Erneberg (H). Died 1926-03-03 in Ukna, Västrum, Kolsebro.

Carl Gustaf Andersson Lindsköld.
Born 1863-06-14 in Gamleby, Erneberg (H). Died 1950-10-02 in Vreta Kloster, Brunneby (E).

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