Born 1794-04-04 in Odensvi (H).
Maja Lena Persdotter.
Born 1794-04-04 in Odensvi (H).

Relationships and children


Jonas Andersson.
Born 1783-10-03 in Odensvi (H). Died 1841 in Odensvi (H).
1830 gift sockenskomakare

Anders Jonsson.
Born 1811-04-27 in Odensvi (H).

Anna Maja Jonsdotter.
Born 1814-05-16 in Odensvi (H).
1830 flyttar till Locknevi

Olaus Jonsson.
Born 1820-02-13 in Odensvi (H).

Jonas Peter Jonsson.
Born 1822-09-30 in Odensvi (H).

Sven Fredrik Jonsson.
Born 1826-04-17 in Odensvi (H).

Kristina Karolina Jonsdotter.
Born 1830-10-23 in Odensvi, Sågen (H).

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