Born 1833 in Voxtorp (F).
Cajsa Lena Petersdotter.
Born 1833 in Voxtorp (F).

Relationships and children


Olaus Olsson.
Born 1817 in Voxtorp (F).

Ida Mathilda Olsdotter.
Born 1859-10-25 in Halltorp (H). Died 1940-06-20 in Stockholm (AB).

Carl Viktor Olsson.
Born 1864-06-05 in Halltorp (H).

Hulda Maria Olsdotter.
Born 1866-06-19 in Halltorp (H). Died 1953-03-20 in Stockholm (AB).

Johanna Victoria Olsdotter.
Born 1868-07-14 in Halltorp (H).

Anna Christina Olsdotter.
Born 1870-10-26 in Halltorp (H).

Karl Emil Olsson.
Born 1871-11-11 in Halltorp (H). Died 1932-01-29 in Halltorp, Högsrum (H).

Oscar Emanuel Olsson.
Born 1874-05-20 in Halltorp (H). Died 1961-06-06 in Catawa USA.

Otto Olsson.
Born 1876-05-26 in Halltorp (H). Died 1957 in USA.

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