Born 1955-12-15 in USA, WY, Laramie. 2014 CO Denver
2015 DNA-match Håkan Drevin f1948, 53 shared centimorgans, longest block 27
Anders J R Andersson f1831 i Gamleby och Johanna Carolina Fyrstén f1846 i Gärdserum är Justins morfars mors föräldrar och och Anders J R Andersson f1831 i Gamleby och Anna Christina Jansdotter f1835 i Värna är Håkans farmors fars föräldrar
Justin   Swanstrom 1955-
Justin Swanstrom.
Born 1955-12-15 in USA, WY, Laramie.
Shirley Jean Jeanne  Swanstrom 1936-
F Shirley Jean Jeanne Swanstrom.
Born 1936-06-06.
Harry William   Swanstrom 1903-1957
FF Harry William Swanstrom.
Born 1903-12-01 in USA, WI, Chetec. Died 1957-02-08 in USA, WY, Farson.
 Adolf Ferdinand Svanström 1862-1904
FFF Adolf Ferdinand Svanström.
Born 1862-10-06 in Ukna, Ekvik, Sundet (H). Died 1904-02-21 in Chetek, Barron Co, Wisconsin. Stationskarl
FFFF Carl Johan Svanström.
Born 1823-09-01 in Gärdserum, Broddebo (H). Soldat
FFFM Anna Sofia Jansdotter.
Born 1826-01-22 in Dalhem (H).
Carolina Josefina   Fyrstén Larsdotter Claesson 1865-1937
FFM Carolina Josefina Fyrstén Larsdotter Claesson.
Born 1865-03-22 in Vimmerby, Storebro (H). Died 1937-01-31 in USA, CA, Fresno.
FFMF Anders Johan Reinhold Andersson.
Born 1831-09-29 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1887-03-26 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Hemmansägare
FFMM Johanna Carolina Fyrstén.
Born 1846-11-28 in Gärdserum (E). Died 1917-10-26 in Västra Ed, Skärserum (H).
Vivianne   Luce 1901-1979
FM Vivianne Luce.
Born 1901-11-17 in USA, WY, Big Piney. Died 1979-06-19 in USA, UT, Heber.
Essy   Wilson Luce 1878-
FMM Essy Wilson Luce.
Born 1878-05-13.
Ridge   Durand 1933-2002
M Ridge Durand.
Born 1933-04-01 in Greely, Weld Co, Colorado. Died 2002-09-29 in Laramie, Albany Co, Wyoming.


Relationships and children


Mary Jane Snowdon.
Born 1957-11-20 in USA, MN, Duluth.


Mary Carolina Toomey Durand, Lanners.
Born 1981-06-08 in USA, UT, Salt Lake City.


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