Born 1994-05-24.
 Filippa Helena Cecilia Berencreutz 1994-
Filippa Helena Cecilia Berencreutz.
Born 1994-05-24.
F Erik Gustaf Baltzar Berencreutz.
Born 1958-08-15.
 Anita Monica Appelkvist 1958-
M Anita Monica Appelkvist.
Born 1958-12-25 in Gamleby (H).
MF Sven Olof Bertil Appelkvist.
Born 1933-10-13 in Ukna (H). Bergsprängare
Frida Laura Laila  Andersson 1936-
MM Frida Laura Laila Andersson.
Born 1936-08-04 in Västervik (H).
 Otto Reinhold Andersson 1874-1971
MMF Otto Reinhold Andersson.
Born 1874-05-02 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1971-02-07 in Gamleby, Lärkv 5 (H). Hemmansägare, arrendator
MMFF Anders Johan Reinhold Andersson.
Born 1831-09-29 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Died 1887-03-26 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H). Hemmansägare
MMFM Anna Christina Jansdotter.
Born 1835-05-18 in Värna, Wärmantorp (E). Died 1898-12-31 in Gamleby, Löckerum (H).
Hanna Laurina  Svensson 1910-1995
MMM Hanna Laurina Svensson.
Born 1910-01-11 in Ringarum, Fyllingerum, Harsbo (E). Died 1995-01-17 in Gamleby, Lärkvägen 5 (H).
MMMF Frans Oskar Svensson.
Born 1859-08-14 in Ring. Died 1942-05-06 in Ringarum, Fyllingerum, Harsbo (E). Torpare
MMMM Johanna Maria Karlsdotter.
Born 1869-07-20 in Björsäter (E). Died 1955-01-19 in Ringarum, Fyllingerum, Harsbo (E).


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