Hemmansägare Lit Born 1844 in Lit (Z).
1880 gift odelstorpare Lillsjöhögen med 3 barn
1900 gift hemmansägare Lillsjöhögen i Lit med 6 barn
Per Jonsson.
Born 1844 in Lit (Z). Hemmansägare Lit

Relationships and children


Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1845 in Hallen (Z).

Jonas Persson.
Born 1873 in Lit (Z).

Anna Kristina Persdotter.
Born 1877 in Lit (Z).

Anders Peter Persson.
Born 1880 in Lit (Z).

Olof August Persson.
Born 1882 in Lit (Z).

Maria Olivia Maja Persdotter.
Born 1884-02-28 in Lit (Z). Died 1955-10-01 in Östersund (Z).

Brita Ottilia Persdotter.
Born 1886 in Lit (Z).

Ingeborg Persdotter.
Born 1888-05-16 in Lit (Z). Died 1952-10-30 in Lit, Sännsjölandet (Z).

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