Born 1804-02-15 in Oppeby (E).
1829 från Adlerskog till V Eneby
1836 Volont.?
Isak Andersson.
Born 1804-02-15 in Oppeby (E).

Relationships and children

Married 1831-04-23.

Stina Lisa Svensdotter.
Born 1808-05-30 in Horn (E).

Anders Magnus Isaksson.
Born 1831-12-17 in Västra Eneby (E).

Carolina Margareta Isaksdotter.
Born 1834-12-30 in Västra Eneby (E).

Kristina Elisabet Isaksdotter.
Born 1836-12-05 in Västra Eneby, Hägna (E). Died 1894-11-09.

Sven Gottfrid Isaksson.
Born 1839-06-05 in Västra Eneby (E).

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