Died 1723.
Brita Eriksdotter.
Died 1723.

Relationships and children


Kristen Olofsson.
Died 1745 in Bräcke, Mordviken (Z).

Erik Kristensson.
Born 1694 in Bräcke, Mordviken (Z).
Died 1770 in Bräcke, Bröckling (Z).

Rakel Kristensdotter.
Died 1773 in Bräcke, Grönviken (Z).

Kristen Kristensson.
Born 1702 in Bräcke (Z).
Died 1728 in Bräcke (Z).

Ingrid Kristensdotter.
Died 1706 in Bräcke (Z).

Olof Kristensson.
Died 1735 in Bräcke (Z).

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