Bonde Näxåsen Born 1861-03-13 in Alanäs (Z). Died 1919-12-09.
1900 gift bonde Näxåsen med 4 barn
Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1861-03-13 in Alanäs (Z). Died 1919-12-09. Bonde Näxåsen

Relationships and children

Married 1892-11-06.

Maria Kajsa Isaksdotter.
Born 1870-03-25 in Ström (Z). Died 1960-02-17 in Ström, Näxåsen (Z).

Brita Naimi Elisabet Jonsson.
Born 1893-11-11 in Ström (Z). Died 1969-12-23 in Ström, Strömsund (Z).

Jonas Hjalmar Jonsson.
Born 1895-06-30 in Ström (Z).

Anna Lilly Maria Jonsson.
Born 1997-10-09 in Ström (Z).

Astrid Ingeborg Johanna Jonsson.
Born 1899-01-15 in Ström (Z). Died 1923-03-19 in Ström, Nexåsen (Z).

Isak Holger Jonsson.
Born 1906-02-23 in Ström (Z).

Nils Rune Jonsson.
Born 1912-09-22 in Ström (Z).

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