Smed Born 1855-01-16 in Gryteryd (F). Died 1905-10-08 in Norrtälje (AB).
1888 gift järnvägssmed
1890 gift järnvägssmedf Norrtälje med 1 dotter
1893 o 1896 gift smed
1900 gift smed Norrtälje med 3 döttrar och 1 son
1905 gift smed
Peter Anders Petter Eriksson.
Born 1855-01-16 in Gryteryd (F). Died 1905-10-08 in Norrtälje (AB). Smed
F Erik Magnus Andersson.
Born 1831 in Långaryd (F). Bonde
M Maria Kristina Petersdotter.
Born 1834 in Långaryd (F).

Relationships and children


Erika Charlotta Lundgren.
Born 1855-10-13 in Almunge (AB). Died 1900-01-29 in Norrtälje (AB).

Ester Maria Eriksson.
Born 1888-09-06 in Norrtälje (C). Died 1975-01-02 in Enskede (AB).

Enok Eriksson.
Born about 1891. Died about 1892.

Edit Charlotta Eriksson.
Born 1893-03-27 in Norrtälje (C).

Elis Natanael Eriksson.
Born 1896-10-08 in Norrtälje (C).

Sigrid Eva Kristina Eriksson.
Born 1899-01-28 in Norrtälje (C). Died 1991-11-14 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Married 1900-12-02 in Norrtälje (AB).

Hulda Eriksson.
Born 1870-08-02 in Husby-Lyhundra (AB). Died 1955-02-02 in Norrtälje (C).

Gunhild Elisabet Eriksson.
Born 1901 in Norrtälje (AB).

Johan Erik Paulus Eriksson.
Born 1902 in Norrtälje (AB).

Estrid Anna Birgitta Eriksson.
Born 1904 in Norrtälje (AB).

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