Hemmansägare Optand Born 1838-11-10 in Brunflo (Z). Died 1920-09-19.
1880 gift hemmansägare Optand med 6 barn
Olof   Henriksson 1838-1920
Olof Henriksson.
Born 1838-11-10 in Brunflo (Z). Died 1920-09-19. Hemmansägare Optand


Relationships and children


Anna Märta Svensdotter.
Born 1841-02-24 in Brunflo (Z). Died 1928-05-27 in Brunflo. Optand (Z).

Henrik Olsson.
Born 1864 in Brunflo (Z).

Sven Olof Olsson.
Born 1867 in Brunflo (Z).

Johan Olsson.
Born 1870 in Brunflo (Z).

Anna Kristina Olsson.
Born 1875-01-01 in Brunflo (Z). Died 1914-08-18 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Karl Olsson.
Born 1876 in Brunflo (Z).

Brita Karolina Olsson.
Born 1879 in Brunflo (Z).

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