Arbetare Born 1864 in Lycksele (AC).
1900 gift arbetare Genberg
Karl Johan Persson.
Born 1864 in Lycksele (AC). Arbetare
F Per Olof Persson.
Born 1822 in Lycksele (AC).
M Anna Magdalena Hansdotter.
Born 1825 in Lycksele (AC).

Relationships and children


Magdalena Karolina Charlotta Persdotter.
Born 1857 in Lycksele (AC).

Viktoria Charlotta Karlsdotter.
Born 1887 in Lycksele (AC).

Karl August Karlsson.
Born 1890-04-17 in Lycksele (AC). Died 1953-05-02 in Lycksele, Brattfors (AC).

Fanny Kristina Karlsdotter.
Born 1892 in Lycksele (AC).

Elma Armida Karlsdotter.
Born 1894 in Lycksele (AC).

Anna Nikolina Karlsdotter.
Born 1897 in Lycksele (AC).

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