Torpare Born 1826 in Marieby (Z).
1880 gift torpare Lockne, Tand med 4 barn
Jonas Olofsson.
Born 1826 in Marieby (Z). Torpare

Relationships and children


Margreta Jonsdotter.
Born 1827-08-19 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z). Died 1902-10-03 in Lockne, Tand (Z).
1902 änka 1900

Kerstin Jonsdotter.
Born 1856-11-06 in Lockne, Tand (Z).

Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1858 in Lockne (Z).

Erik Olof Jonsson.
Born 1859 in Lockne (Z).

Andreas Jonsson.
Born 1861 in Lockne (Z).

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