Born 1794-08-27 in Bodsjö (Z).
Annika Magnusdotter.
Born 1794-08-27 in Bodsjö (Z).
F Magnus Sjödin.
Born 1749-03.. in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Dragon Sidsjö, torpare Hunge
FF Mats Olsson.
Born 1700. Bonde Sidsjö
FM Annika Anna Olsdotter.
Born 1706-10-12.
FMF Olof Ersson.
Born calculated 1661. Bonde Hunge
FMFM Fastesdotter.
Born calculated 1626.
FMM Anna Kielsdotter?.
Born calculated 1663.
M Karin Svensdotter.
Born 1761. Died 1807.
MF Sven Jonsson.
Born 1734. Died 1796. Bonde Sidsjö
MFF Jon Olsson.
Born 1703-12-12 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Bonde Sidsjö
MM Märet Jonsdotter.
Born 1739-08-18 in Bodsjö (Z).
MMF Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1707. Bonde Våle
MMM Gertrud Kielsdotter.
Born 1708.

Relationships and children

Married 1824.

Petter Peter Knutsson.
Born 1793-02-26 in Bodsjö (Z).

Magnus Persson.
Born 1825-10-13 in Bodsjö (Z).

Gertrud Kajsa Persdotter.
Born 1830-10-23 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

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