Born 1769-11-24 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Karin Andersdotter.
Born 1769-11-24 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
F Anders Olofsson.
Born 1743. Bonde Kälen
FF Olof Tomasson.
Born 1711 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1776 in Bodsjö (Z). Bonde Kjälen
FFF Tomas Hindriksson.
Born 1680 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1719 in Bodsjö (Z).
FFFF Hindrik Magnusson.
Died 1702 in Bodsjö (Z).
FFFM Karin Olsdotter.
Born 1651. Died 1716 in Bodsjö (Z).
FM Karin Jonsdotter.
Born 1703. Died 1799-11-25 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
FMF Jon Jonsson.
Born 1664 in Bodsjö (Z). Died before 1722. Bonde
FMFF Jon Olofsson.
Died 1697 in Bodsjö (Z).
FMFM Kerstin Olofsdotter.
Born 1620 in Revsund (Z). Died 1713 in Revsund (Z).
FMM Ingrid Persdotter.
Born 1671 in Bodsjö (Z). Died before 1622.
FMMF Per Andersson.
Born 1639 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1704 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Bonde Sidsjö
M Karin Jonsdotter.
Born 1744.
MF Jon Olsson.
Born 1703-12-12 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Bonde Sidsjö

Relationships and children

Married 1790.

Per Broddesson.
Born 1763-01-31 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z). Died 1821-11-20 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).

Brodde Persson.
Born 1791-12-26 in Bodsjö (Z).

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