Born 1805-07-25 in Bodsjö, Matviksnäset (Z).
1805 tvilling

Persdotter, Märta. Born 1805-7-25 in Skurum, Bodsjö Jämtland. Death 1876-2-6 In Timrå (Y). Märta was born in a soldier camp in Skurum in Bodsjö. She had one twin sister that died but Märta grew up early on a small farm in Skurum. She lives in Bodsjö to 1835 then she moves to Lockne and becomes a maid in Tann, the year after she is a maid in Berge. 1838 Märta marries Mikael. Märta is 32 years old and Mikael 10 years older. They both live in Haga before their marriage. After that they move to Tann there they become farmers they are called dependent tenants in the parish records. They live on a small farm in Tann for 8 years, and then in1846 the family moves to a small farm in Långänge. Here Märta lives until Mikael dies in 1869, and then Märta dies in 1876 she lives then in Timrå. Children: 1839- 7- 23 Per WILHELM, 1842- 7- 29 HERMAN, 1845- 8- 25 MICHAEL, 1850- 3- 25 JACOB
Märta Persdotter.
Born 1805-07-25 in Bodsjö, Matviksnäset (Z).
F Per Persson Svan.
Born 1765 in Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Dragon
FF Per Nilsson Nordstrand.
Born 1713-10-12 in Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Died 1768. Dragon Skurun
FFF Nils Andersson.
Born 1670-07-24 in Bodsjö, Skurun (Z). Died 1733-02-10 in Bodsjö, Skurun (Z).
FFM Brita Larsdotter.
Born 1685-04-08.
FM Märet Hermansdotter.
Born 1728-02-25 in Revsund, Björnön (Z). Died 1803-08-16 in Bodsjö, Skurun (Z).
M Ingial Persdotter.
Born 1768.

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