Born 1828-02-10 in Asby (E).
1900 saknas
Maja Lotta Andersdotter.
Born 1828-02-10 in Asby (E).

Relationships and children


Johan Magnus Jacobsson.
Born 1826-04-20 in Kisa (E).

Carl Johan Johansson.
Born 1860-04-26 in Kisa, Folkinge (E). Died 1941-10-14 in Linköping, Eskimån 4 (E).

Anna Charlotta Johansson.
Born 1863-01-31 in Kisa (E). Died 1948-02-24 in Linköping (E).

Carolina Dorotea Johansdotter.
Born 1866-02-06 in Kisa (E). Died 1946-02-19 in Linköping (E).

Kristina Vilhelmina Johansdotter.
Born 1870-04-15 in Kisa (E). Died 1959-04-10 in Helgona, Svärta (D).

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