Bonde Höviken Born 1833-02-09 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1883-03-02.
1871 o 1878 gift bonde Höviken
1880 gift bonde Höviken med 4 barn
Erik Jonsson.
Born 1833-02-09 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1883-03-02. Bonde Höviken
F Jonas Olofsson.
Born 1792-01-04 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z). Bonde Höviken
FF Olof Persson.
Born 1759-08-11. Died 1837-08-14 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z). Bonde Höviken
FFF Per Ersson.
Born 1726. Bonde Höviken
FFFF Erik Persson.
FFFM Märta Aronsdotter.
Born 1693. Died 1783-12-04 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z).
FFM Brita Nilsdotter.
Born 1729. Died 1809-10-08.
FM Anna Jonsdotter.
Born 1760-10-24 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z). Died 1816.
FMF Jon Olofsson.
Born 1715. Died 1768-02-05 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).
FMFF Olof Persson.
Born 1684. Died 1763-06-13 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).
FMFM Ingeborg Persson.
Born 1678. Died 1763.
FMM Märta Ersdotter.
Born 1721. Bondeänka Bodsjöbyn
M Märta Eriksdotter.
Born 1799-01-12 in Marieby. Died 1878-09-17 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z).

Relationships and children

Married 1864.

Gölin Andersdotter.
Born 1843-04-01 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Died 1914-11-24 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

Jonas Eriksson.
Born 1865-08-18 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1907-07-07 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

Sigrid Märta Eriksdotter.
Born 1868 in Bodsjö (Z).

Anders Eriksson.
Born 1871-03-21 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z). Died 1906-09-21 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

Olof Eriksson.
Born 1878-06-15 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z). Died 1896-05-21 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

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