Born 1829-05-23 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1901-12-11 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).
1901 gift 1858
Brita Olofsdotter.
Born 1829-05-23 in Bodsjö (Z). Died 1901-12-11 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).
F Olof Olofsson.
Born 1792-12-20 in Revsund, Grimnäs (Z). Died 1874-01-03 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z). Torpare Hunge
M Rakel Magnusdotter.
Born 1808-09-04 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z). Died 1877-01-16 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).
MF Magnus Sjödin.
Born 1749-03.. in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Died 1827-03-04 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z). Dragon Sidsjö, torpare Hunge
MFF Mats Olsson.
Born 1700 in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z). Died 1775 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z). Bonde Sidsjö
MFFF Olof Mattsson.
Born about 1662 in Lockne (Z). Died 1713-11-?? in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z).
MFFM Anna Olofsdotter.
Born 1664-05-??. Died 1742-05-13 in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z).
MFM Annika Anna Olsdotter.
Born 1706-10-12. Died 1796-07-17 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
MM Brita Nilsdotter.
Born 1774-11-10 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z). Died 1864-01-10 in Bodsjö (Z).
MMF Nils Olofsson.
Born 1735-08-17 in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z). Died 1811-01-03 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z). Bonde och nämndeman Våle
MMFF Olof Olofsson.
Born 1693-07-02 in Lockne, Vålbacken (Z). Died 1763-05-15 in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z).
MMFM Anna Olofsdotter.
Born 1698-10-18 in Sundsjö, Sörviken (Z). Died 1767-05-16 in Revsund, Gåsböle (Z).
MMM Rakel Jönsdotter.
Born 1737-02-10 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z). Died 1794-09-28 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).
MMMF Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1707-09-21 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z). Died 1758-06-24 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z). Bonde Våle
MMMM Gertrud Kielsdotter.
Born 1708-04-02 in Revsund, Värviken (Z). Died 1770-09-21 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).

Relationships and children

Married 1858.

Olof Persson.
Born 1834-03-27 in Revsund (Z). Died 1905-07-02 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Petter Olofsson.
Born 1859-10-07 in Revsund (Z). Died 1935-06-09 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Rakel Olofsdotter.
Born 1861-03-08 in Revsund (Z). Died 1919-05-19 in Bräcke, Sösjö (Z).

Ingeborg Olofsdotter.
Born 1864-01-28 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z). Died 1945-07-11 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Olof Olofsson.
Born 1866-11-07 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z). Died 1941-01-12 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

Brita Olofsdotter.
Born 1870-06-28 in Bodsjö (Z). Died before 1880.

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