Affärsbiträde Born 1939-11-16 in Matteus (AB).
1950 Sundsvall
1960 affärsbiträde Sundsvall
1970 Vemdalen
1975 gift affärsbiträde Vemdalen
 Berit Linnéa Höglund 1939-
Berit Linnéa Höglund.
Born 1939-11-16 in Matteus (AB). Affärsbiträde
F Hubert Arne Egert Höglund.
Born 1916-10-12 in Alnö (Y). Died 2005-01-17 in Skön, Sundsvall (Y).
M Astrid Linnéa Norén.
Born 1919-07-15 in Matteus (AB). Died 2005-01-27 in Skön, Sundsvall (Y).


Relationships and children

Married 1963-07-27.

Tore Elof Kristoffersson.
Born 1940-01-24 in Sundsvall (Y).

Tore Joakim Kristoffersson.
Born 1964-09-05 in Skön (Y).

Karl Magnus Kristoffersson.
Born 1967-10-11 in Vemdalen (Z).

Lars Tomas Kristoffersson.
Born 1971-03-08 in Vemdalen (Z).

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