Born 1786-02-01 in Gladhammar Daddehorva (H).
Isak Månsson.
Born 1786-02-01 in Gladhammar Daddehorva (H).
F Måns Jansson.
Born 1750-05-10 in Törnsfall Sjönäs (H). Died 1825-03-20 in Törnsfall Prostgården (H).
FF Persson Jan.
Born 1719-10-10 in Hjorted Ishult (H).
FFF Per Sunesson.
Born 1692-04-02 in Hjorted Getterum (H). Died 1768-02-03 in Törnsfall Sjönäs (H).
FFFF Sune Månsson.
Born 1661-05-26 in Hjorted Fallebo (H). Died 1735-04-04 in Hjorted Getterum (H).
FM Anna Esaiasdotter.
Born 1712-08-25 in Gladhammar Botorp (H). Died 1755-11-07 in Törnsfall Sjönäs (H).
M Elisabet Isaksdotter.
Born 1756-07-25 in Hjorted Lebo ryttartorp (H). Died 1840-05-27 in Törnsfall Prostgården (H).
MF Isak Johansson.
Born 1719-06-14 in Hallingeberg Sjöända (H).
MFF Johan Fagerberg.
Born 1695.
MFM Lisken Jakobsdotter.
Born 1694. Died 1728-01-28 in Hjorted Lebo ryttartorp (H).

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