Born 1776 in Kättilstad Håshult (E). Died 1777 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
Israel Abrahamsson.
Born 1776 in Kättilstad Håshult (E). Died 1777 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
F Abraham Olofsson.
Born 1742 in Åtvid Österby (?) (E). Died 1812 in Hycklinge Vårdslunda (E).
FF Olof Larsson.
Born 170? in Åtvid Dalgatan (?) (E). Died 1745-12-08 in Åtvid Österby (E).
FM Sara Jonsdotter.
Born 170?. Died 1782 in Dalhem Ögelsbo (H).
M Agnes Israelsdotter.
Born 1753-10-10 in Kättilstad Håshult (E). Died 1828 in Hycklinge Vårdslunda (E).
MF Israel Persson.
Born 1712 in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E). Died 1763 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
MFF Per Israelsson.
Born 168? in Kättilstad Gassemåla (E). Died in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
MFFF Israel Persson.
Born 164? in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E). Died in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E).
MFFM Brita Larsdotter.
Born 165?. Died in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E).
MFM Ragnhild Jonsdotter.
Born about 1703 in Oppeby Kärra (E). Died 1773 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
MFMF Joen Persson.
Born 163? in Oppeby Ryda (E). Died 1721 in Oppeby Kärra (E).
MFMM Elin Joensdotter.
Born 164? in Oppeby Idhult (E). Died in Oppeby Kärra (E).
MM Kristina Johansdotter.
Born 171? in Kättilstad Tranebo (E). Died 1804 in Hycklinge Vårdslunda (E).
MMF Johan Carlsson Boman.
Born 168? in Kättilstad Glysebo (E). Died 1757 in Åtvid Österby (E).
MMFF Karl Helgesson.
Born 1645 in Horn Åshorva (E). Died 1707 in Kättilstad Vilebotorpet (E).
MMFM Kerstin Zachrisdotter.
Born estimated 1656 in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (?) (E). Died estimated 1720.
MMM Kerstin Olofsdotter.
Born 1696 in Kättilstad Massebo (E). Died 1742 in Kättilstad Tranebo (E).
MMMF Olof Haraldsson.
Born in Tjärstad Ytterbo (E). Died in Kättilstad Massebo (E).

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