Born 1767-11-07 in Lofta (H). Died 1767-11-07.
Katrina Andersdotter.
Born 1767-11-07 in Lofta (H). Died 1767-11-07.
F Anders Svensson.
Born 1731-09-21 in Lofta (H). Died 1773-12-24 in Lofta (H).
FF Sven Persson.
Born 1706-04-30. Died 1746-04-24 in Lofta (H).
FFF Per Johansson.
Born 1664 in Lofta (H). Died 1726-06-04 in Lofta, Forserum (H).
FFFF Johan Andersson.
Born about 1640 in Lofta (H). Died 1710 in geni.
FFFM Kerstin Svensdotter.
Born about 1646 in Lofta, Forserum (H). Died 1688 in Lofta, Forserum (H).
FFM Elsa Andersdotter.
Born 1673 in Lofta (H). Died 1723-01-11 in Lofta, Forserum (H).
FM Kerstin Svensdotter.
Born 1703-10-16 in Lofta (H). Died 1775-07-20 in Lofta (H).
FMF Sven Johansson.
Born 1669. Died in Lofta (H).
FMM Karin Torstensdotter.
Born 1676. Died 1748-08-24.
M Margareta Jonsdotter.
Born 1742-09-28 in Lofta (H). Died 1809-04-09 in Lofta (H).
MF Jon Eriksson.
Born 1713-11-06 in Lofta (H). Died 1776-07-16 in Lofta (H).
MFF Erik Jonsson.
Born 1667. Died 1753-08-17 in Lofta (H).
MFM Margareta Larsdotter.
Born 1681. Died 1737-03-26.
MM Margareta Matsdotter.
Born 1714. Died 1784-10-12 in Lofta (H).

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