Piga Born 1822-05-15 in Hjorted (H). Died 1890-09-21 in Gladhammar (H).
Anna Charlotta (Lotta) Persdotter.
Born 1822-05-15 in Hjorted (H). Died 1890-09-21 in Gladhammar (H). Piga
F Peter Karlsson.
Born 1790-03-09 in Hjorted (H). Died 1848-05-01 in Gladhammar (H). Brukare/bonde/dräng
FF Karl Johansson.
Born 1760-06-15 in Häradshammar. Died 1842-09-14 in Hjorted (H). Dräng/brukare
FM Anna Katarina (Cajsa) Petersdotter.
Born 1768-08-06 in Hjorted (H). Died 1835-01-15 in Hjorted (H). Piga
M Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1794-03-10 in Hjorted, Björkhult (H). Died 1863-04-01 in Gladhammar (H).
MF Anders Nilsson.
Born 1760-05-11 in Hallingeberg (H). Died 1836-01-05 in Hjorted (H). Dräng/brukare
MM Cecilia Persdotter.
Born 1761-06-01 in Västrum (H). Died 1840-01-25 in Hjorted (H). Piga
MMF Per Jakobsson.
Born 1728-02-26 in Västrum (H). Died 1772-06-09 in Västrum (H). Dräng/torpare
MMM Sara Nilsdotter.
Born 1733-03-12 in Gladhammar. Died 1821-03-02 in Västrum (H).
MMMF Nils Danielsson.
Born 1695-01-20 in Hjorted (H). Died 1773-12-15 in Gladhammar (H). Dräng
MMMM Elisabet Persdotter.
Born 1700-02-11 in Hjorted (H). Died 1781-08-02 in Gladhammar (H). Piga

Relationships and children

Married 1842-12-26 in Gladhammar (H).

Jonas Peter Andersson.
Born 1818-06-11 in Västrum (H). Died 1907-06-29 in Gladhammar (H).

Kristina Josefina Jonasdotter.
Born 1844-06-15 in Gladhammar (H). Died 1930-12-20 in Gladhammar (H).

Johan Alfred Jonasson.
Born 1848. Died 1871.

Viktor Jonasson.
Born 1855.

Maria Charlotta Jonasdotter.
Born 1858.

Anna Sofia Jonasdotter.
Born 1858.

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