Born 1671-03-26 in Hjorted (H).
Ingegerd Bengtsdotter.
Born 1671-03-26 in Hjorted (H). Buried 1737-07-17 in Hjorted (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1692-10-07 in Hjorted (H).

Daniel Nilsson Hoggren.
Born 1665 in Hjorted (H).

Elisabet Danielsdotter.
Born 1692. Died 1756-11-26 in Hjorted, Tibbhult (H).

Elin Danielsdotter.
Born 1693.

Kirsten Danielsdotter.
Born 1694-03-23 in Hjorted (H).

Nils Danielsson.
Born 1695-01-29 in Hjorted (H). Died 1773-12-15 in Gladhammar (H).

Kerstin Danielsdotter.
Born 1697 in Hjorted (H).

Mattias Danielsson.
Born 1700-03-28 in Hjorted (H).

Hemming Danielsson.
Born 1703 in Hjorted (H). Died.

Hemming Danielsson.
Born 1705-10-14 in Hjorted (H).

Sven Danielsson.
Born 1707-02-06 in Hjorted (H).

Erik Danielsson.
Born 1714-08-25 in Hjorted (H).

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