Died 1638-09-17 in Östra Harg (E). http://aforum.genealogi.se/discus/messages/44/49114.html?1071224726
Karin Nilsdotter.
Died 1638-09-17 in Östra Harg (E).
F Nicolaus Liurenius.
Died 1622 in Hov (E). Kyrkoherde i Hov och ö Harg
M Mariet Olofsdotter.
Died 1605 in Östra Harg (E).

Relationships and children


Brontho (Brunte) Rosenius (Gothus).
Died 1639-11-17 in Östra Harg (E).

Ingrid Bruntesdotter Rosenia.
Born in Östra Harg. Died 1700-08-29 in Risinge.

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