Born 1658 in Arnstorp (S). Died 1742.
Karin Israelsdotter.
Born 1658 in Arnstorp (S). Died 1742.
F Israel Mickelsson.
FF Mickel Larsson.
Born 1592. Died.
M Marit Påvelsdotter.
MF Påvel Olofsson Suhoinen.
Born about 1594 in Savuniemi, Joroinen, Finland.
MFF Olli (ohl) Grelsson Suhonen.
MFFF Reko (Grels) Ohlsson Suhonen.
Born about 1549 in Savuniemi, Juva, Finland.
MM Elin Olofsdotter.

Relationships and children

Married. 1

Anders Andersson.

Israel Andersson.

Erik Andersson.


  1. --Lantext "MH:F467"--

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