Born 1828-08-27 in Lysvik, Ransby (S). 1908 gift Died 1908-11-04 in Lysvik, Ransby (S).
Karin Larsdotter.
Born 1828-08-27 in Lysvik, Ransby (S). Died 1908-11-04 in Lysvik, Ransby (S).
F Lars Olsson.
Born 1794-11-23 in Ransby (S). Died 1868-11-17. Bonde
M Kerstin Danielsdotter.
Born 1803-12-31 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). Died 1854-09-30 in Ransby (S).
MF Daniel Larsson.
Born 1770-12-14 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). Died 1857-10-26 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). hemmansägare
MFF Lars Danielsson Suhoinen.
Born 1742 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). Died 1792-12-03 in Lysvik, Lövåsen (S).
MFFF Daniel Danielsson.
Born 1709 in Lövåsen, Sunne. Died.
MFM Kerstin Elofsdotter.
Born 1742-02-03 in Sunne, Bäck (Z).
MM Marit Larsdotter.
Born 1780 in Lysvik, Gelserud (S). Died 1862-02-20 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

Relationships and children

Married 1859-08-21. 1

Sven Jonsson.
Born 1825-05-23 in Ekshärad (S). Died 1914-08-04.

Lars Svensson.
Born 1859-10-31 in Ekshärad, Hohle (S).


  1. --Lantext "MH:F380"--

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