Born 1935-03-15 in Högsby (H).
Per Ivan Erling Martinsson.
Born 1935-03-15 in Högsby (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1956-07-21. 1

Alice Viola Andersson.
Born 1938-02-26 in Hallingeberg, Smittestad (H).
1990 gift 1956, Mönsterås

Alice Yvonne Martinsson.
Born 1956-06-21 in Lofta (H).

Per Roland Martinsson.
Born 1959-07-20 in Lofta (H).

Erling Roger Martinsson.
Born 1961-05-16 in Mönsterås (H).

Raine Ivar Martinsson.
Born 1963-06-22 in Mönsterås (H).


  1. --Lantext "MH:F133"--

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