Born 1768-08-16 in Målilla (H). Husförhör 1823-1827, sjuklig
Wendela Sigonidotter.
Born 1768-08-16 in Målilla (H).

Relationships and children

Married 1793-12-12. 1

Petter Mosesson.
Born 1771-08-02 in Lönneberga (H).

Johan Petter Pettersson.
Born 1794-08-19.

Maja Stina Pettersdotter.
Born 1798-03-18.

Cajsa Lisa Pettersdotter.
Born 1799-11-30 in Målilla Tranefall (H).

Moses Pettersson.
Born 1805-10-27.

Lucretia Pettersdotter.
Born 1808-04-05.

Ingrid Helena Pettersdotter.
Born 1810-04-14.

Adolf Pettersson.
Born 1814-10-30.


  1. --Lantext "MH:F12"--

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