Born 1920-03-26 in Vena (H). 1960 arrendator Eneby 1:1 Kvisterum i Odensvi
1975 dito
Died 1988-02-11.
Karl Åke Henry Karlsson.
Born 1920-03-26 in Vena (H). Died 1988-02-11.

Relationships and children

Married 1949-12-10. 1

Nina Margareta Karlsson.
Born 1925-02-12 in Västervik (H). Died 2007-12-31 in Odensvi, Kvistrum (H).

Kjell-Åke Sören Karlsson.
Born 1951-02-05 in Odensvi (H).

Bertil Bo Arnold Karlsson.
Born 1957-02-02 in Odensvi (H).

Lars Peder Henry Karlsson.
Born 1961-12-15 in Odensvi (H).

Ulf Carl Mikael Karlsson.
Born 1966-03-07 in Odensvi (H).


  1. --Lantext "MH:F61"--

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