Born 1854-12-22 in Dalby (S). Died 1857-08-07 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
Ingjerd Olsdotter.
Born 1854-12-22 in Dalby (S). Died 1857-08-07 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
F Olof Larsson Hjell.
Born 1816-11-12 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). Died 1876-03-24 in Dalby (S). Soldat
FF Lars Jönsson.
Born 1777 in Ny (S). Died 1824-03-05 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). hemmansbrukare
FFF Jon Persson.
Born 1756.
FFM Kjerstin Larsdotter.
Born 1752.
FM Ingeborg Olofsdotter.
Born 1785 in Norra Ny (S). Died 1853-11-13 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
FMF Olof Halvardsson.
Born 1746 in N Ny, Månäs (S). Died 1808.
FMFF Halvard Andersson.
Born 1716. Died 1768-03-23 in N Ny, Månäs (S).
FMFM Marit Olsdotter.
Born 1720. Died 1806-05-24 in N Ny, Månäs (S).
FMM Ingjerd Persdotter.
Born 1750 in N Ny, Månäs (S).
M Kerstin Jönsdotter.
Born 1820 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). Died 1893-10-14 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). piga
MF Jöns Persson.
Born 1795-12-14 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). Died 1860-02-24 in Dalby (S). Torpare
MFF Per Halvardsson.
Born 1759 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
MFFF Halvard Persson.
Born 1730. Died before 1800.
MFFM Sigrid Nilsdotter.
Born 1733-04-08 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
MFM Kerstin Jönsdotter.
Born 1768 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
MM Helja Helga Olofsdotter.
Born 1796-08-03 in Dalby, Benteby (S). Died 1883-04-02 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).
MMF Olof Olsson.
Born 1771. Died 1857-09-19 in Dalby, Benteby (S).
MMFF Olof Olsson.
Born 1744. Died 1804.
MMFM Marit Matsdotter.
Born 1740.
MMM Kerstin Persdotter.
Born 1769 in Dalby, Benteby (S). Died 1849-08-29 in Dalby, Benteby (S).

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