Born 1880 in Sunnersberg (R).

1910 gift grovarbetare Tallåsen i Karlstad land

Anton Andersson.
Born 1880 in Sunnersberg (R). Grovarbetare


1910 gift grovarbetare Tallåsen i Karlstad land

Relationships and children

Married 1907-08-24.

Hanna Christina Larsdotter Tranfeldt.
Born 1881-06-11 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S).

1904 4/11 flyttar till St Kil
1907 24/8 flyttar åter till N Transtrand
1908 20/11 flyttar från N Transtrand till Karlstad

Ture Henning Andersson.
Born 1906-06-02 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S).

Ellen Linnéa Andersson.
Born 1907-09-06 in Karlstad land (S).

Inez Frideborg Andersson.
Born 1908-10-12 in Karlstad land (S).

Helge Leonard Andersson.
Born 1910 in Karlstad land, Tallåsen (S).

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