Born 1851 in Umeå lf (AC).
Albert Andersson Bergman.
Born 1851 in Umeå lf (AC). Skomakarmästare

Relationships and children


Katarina Sofia Pettersson.
Born 1854 in Umeå lf (AC).

Frits Johan Albert Bergman.
Born 1875 in Umeå sf (AC).

Tyra Wilhelmina Bergman.
Born 1876 in Umeå sf (AC).

Karl Johan Rudolf Bergman.
Born 1877 in Umeå sf (AC).

Alfrida Katarina Bergman.
Born 1878-11-28.

Gustaf Johan Andreas Bergman.
Born 1880 in Umeå sf (AC).

Sofia Viktoria Bergman.
Born 1882 in Umeå sf (AC).

Anna Augusta Bergman.
Born 1883 in Umeå sf (AC).

Helmer Johan Torsten Bergman.
Born 1884 in Umeå sf (AC).

Calla Maria Bergman.
Born 1885 in Umeå sf (AC).

Rosina Charlotta Bergman.
Born 1886 in Umeå sf (AC).

Jenny Albertina Bergman.
Born 1888 in Umeå sf (AC).

Knut Johan Algot Bergman.
Born 1890 in Umeå sf (AC).

Bror Johan Bernhard Bergman.
Born 1892 in Umeå sf (AC).

Edvard Johan Emanuel Bergman.
Born 1894 in Umeå sf (AC).

Ossian Johan Fredrik Bergman.
Born 1896 in Umeå sf (AC).

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