Born 1729.
Anna Olsdotter.
Born 1729.

Relationships and children

Married 1756.

Jon Olofsson.
Born 1728. Died before 1803.

Olof Jonsson.
Born 1757.

Thomas Jonsson.
Born 1760-03-10.

Kerstin Jonsdotter.
Born 1763. Died 1798-02-07 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Per Jonsson.
Born 1765-03-22 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Lars Jonsson Snäll.
Born 1766-09-26 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Brita Jonsdotter.
Born 1769-08-31 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

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