Pedigree chart Johanna Petersdotter


Born 1815-02-25 in Alsheda (F).
Johanna Petersdotter.
Born 1815-02-25 in Alsheda (F).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Frans Petersson. Born 1819-07-31 in Alsheda (F).

Carolina Sofia Fransdotter. Born 1843-10-17 in Alsheda (F).

Johan Peter Alfred Fransson. Born 1846-01-26 in Alsheda (F).

Carl August Fransson. Born 1849-01-04 in Alsheda (F).

Eva Stina Fransdotter. Born 1851-11-03 in Alsheda (F).

Frans Gustaf Fransson. Born 1954-05-24 in Alsheda (F).

Johanna Lovisa Franzén. Born 1858-03-15 in Alseda, Alsheda Skomakargård, Stenseryd (F).

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