Pedigree chart Sofia Amalia Jansson


Born 1857-02-12 in Västrum (H).
Sofia Amalia Jansson.
Born 1857-02-12 in Västrum (H).

f Nils Gustaf Jansson.
Born 1827 in Gamleby (H).



m Anna Sofia Ådahl.
Born 1824-02-15 in Gladhammar (H).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Gustaf Edvard Andersson. Arbetskarl.
Born 1851 in Dalhem (H).

Ella Amalia Andersson. Born 1882 in Västervik (H).

Gustaf Uno Andersson. Born 1886-07-20 in Västervik (H).
Died 1981-04-19 in Dalhem (H).

Oskar Harald Andersson. Born 1889 in Västervik (H).

Edvard Gunnar Andersson. Born 1892 in Västervik (H).

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