Pedigree chart Ingrid Viveka Höglund


Born 1941-03-08 in Hudiksvall (X). [1]
Ingrid Viveka Höglund.
Born 1941-03-08 in Hudiksvall (X). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1964-08-01 Nils Ingmar Höglund. Born 1941-04-05 in Hudiksvall (X).

Ulf Erik Hjalmar Höglund. Born 1978-03-27 in Adolf Fredrik (AB).
Baptized 1978-03-27 in Adolf Fredrik (AB).

Liv Agneta Elisabet Höglund. Born 1981-03-29 in Järfälla (AB).


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