Pedigree chart Marit Jonsdotter


Born 1828-03-06 in Dalby, Slättne (S).
Marit Jonsdotter.
Born 1828-03-06 in Dalby, Slättne (S).



1855 piga

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1856-11-07 Johan Johansson Sibblund. Skomakare.
Born 1818-10-10 in Östmark (S).
Died 1876-04-16 in Dalby, Sysselbäck (S).

Jan Sibblund. Born 1854-03-29 in Dalby (S).

Kajsa Sibblund. Born 1855-09-23 in Dalby, Slättne (S).
Died 1939-05-21 in Dalby, Slättne (S).

Halvard Sibblund. Arbetare.
Born 1862-11-27 in Dalby (S).

Erik Sibblund. Born 1865-09-13 in Dalby (S).

Kerstin Sibblund. Born 1868-09-22 in Dalby (S).

Johan Sibblund. Born 1871-11-18 in Dalby (S).

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